Hello from Sawrey (Miss Potter village)

Far Sawrey lies in rolling farmland and wooded hillsides above Lake Windermere. It is the area where the "Miss Potter" film is based upon. This is a blog from the village shop, which is not dis-similar to the Beatrix Potter Ginger and Pickles Shop here in the heart of the village where Beatrix Potter lived and wrote her world famous stories including "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Greetings from Sawrey, its a wet saturday here today...lots of damp walkers popping in for a sandwich...We have starting selling gorgeous sandwiches from those clever people at the Bridge Cafe at Newby Bridge who create some tantalising sandwiches such as "Bill Aireys Lamb and Mint Sauce" "Cumberland Mustard and Jalepeno Pepper" "Crispy Bacon and Free Range Egg"
yummy yum yum....
A customer has just been in and told me that a new holiday cottage has opened for business in the village, it can be found at http://www.lakedistrictloveshack.com/ I remember the owners coming into the shop whilst trying to seek planning permission to build themselves a home and having an opening day, funny how there was no mention of their plans to let it out, not sure what the council planners might think, especially as there is such a shortage of affordable housing in this area
We are in the third week of the car ferry being off for refurbishments so the road outside is spooky quiet! Two weeks to go and counting!
I was speaking to the farmer from Hill Top today and all of his lambs are now born, they are an absolute pleasure to watch.
Thats about all for now, Ive asked the weather man for a sunny summer in sawrey :0)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just a little update from sawrey, the absence has been due to illness and an exceptionally quiet winter....I dont do things by halves and was rushed into hospital before christmas with Gall Stone pain, whilst in there they found a large ovarian cyst and recently they have diagnosed stomach ulcers.... I am still awaiting surgery as I type....

Due to an exceptionally quiet 6months in the shop I have had to take on work elsewhere to survive the down time, which as I am sure you can imagine, is difficult to say the least when in pain...

We are busy getting ready for the new season in the shop, the electrician has been in this week sorting out the power supply, we are hoping to have some new additions to our range very soon and I will update them via the blog.....

The weather has been truly spring like today and benny and I walked up to the tarn this afternoon and it was lovely....

Well thats about all for now, update complete and looking forward to seeing you all in sawrey this summer :0)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Morning from Sawrey Stores... its a clear but very cold blue sky morning here... I think the car ferry is off as the road is exceptionally quiet today....
The village is like a scene out of 101 dalmations, there are dogs everywhere, one of them is on heat and they are all running around trying to find her!
Yesterday afternoon a couple of customers bought some of the "local xmas gifts" I have wrapped up for xmas and they donated them to the Village Hall Christmas Bingo Box :0)
A customer came in today and asked if we sold "Almond Milk"??? they looked at me quite strange when I said that I have never heard of it!?! is it just me?!? Oh well!
There is a lovely article in this months Cumbria Life which is out today, its a feature on the barber from Ambleside who tragically died at the roadside near Rydal, he has been a Barber for over 65years and was quite a character in Ambleside. I remember coming to the lakes many years ago and seeing him stood outside his shop in his white coat. Lakeland villages are full of characters who make communities all the more special and I am sure he will be sadly missed in Ambleside
Thats about all for now follks, Happy friday, blog back on monday :0)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Greetings from Sawrey Stores... Its been a while...several reasons....we have been busy having a bit of a makeover here in the shop, we are creating a new web site, and also its been EXTREMELY quiet with very little to report...

With our little makeover the shop has almost doubled in size and an orderly queue could be formed if required! :0)
The above picture is of the new unit where the counter used to be, the dresser was kindly donated to us by those lovely people at Beechmount Country House in Near Sawrey, we have given it a lick of paint and its come up really well, THANKYOU BEECHMOUNT!

We have also started selling a range of Local teas and Coffees from Farrers of Kendal, the lakeland Special Tea is proving a popular hit with visitors.

Since I last wrote a credit crunch has begun to happen, its a worry for everyone especially here tucked away in Sawrey....To try and combat this doom and gloom I have started gift wrapping local produce that we sell here in the shop. Hopefully the gifts of Local Relish and Chutneys, Jams and Sweeties will tempt early christmas shoppers....Its also quite theraputic wrapping up yummy goodies...
The villlage hall christmas bingo is on the 1st of December and gifts can be donated or bought here in the shop, last years bingo was a great success and its for a good cause

I found an interesting little video on You Tube this week
Hope your all well, see you all in sawrey soon :0)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Greetings Bloggers, another dry day here in the village although walking vistors seem to be thin on the ground?!

When I went to Hawkshead yesterday I noticed that the white lines coming 0ut of Hawkshead are slightly wobbly, perhaps the white line man had too much coffee for his breakfast!

Todays pictire is of Peter Lofthouse, a man who lives in the village who is going to uni-cycle to Africa to raise money for an Asthma Uk! We shall be suppoting him here in the shop and will have a collection box, http://www.justgiving.com/unicycle_africa

Just a reminder that the Poyal British Legion Supper Dance is coming up next weekend and tixkets are on sale here for £9.50

Thats about all for now folks, HAPPY FRIDAY :0)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Afternoon from Sawrey, its still dry....overcast but dry!.... When at the cash and carry stocking up on the confectionary I spotted some Wispa Bars! Seeing them took me back to my childhood and I wondered if the reinvented bars would taste the same.......I am soooooooo pleased to say they do! Customers are loving them...I think it was an online campaign that got them back on the shelves....YUM YUM
The other picture is of the farmyard visitors I spent yesterday afternoon watching, I think they are loving this dry weather just as much as we are....
I have lost the pricing gun this week, it was here now its completely vanished!?! hand written labels pending I think!
The village is extremely quiet today, not many cars or people around, I am wondering if the ferry is working?!?!
Thats about all for now folks, Happy Thursday :0)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good Moring from a cloudy but dry Sawrey....Finally the road markings have arrived in the village, just as the seasonal chaos ends hey! Better late than never tho!
In the process of re designing the shop we moved the chocolate stand to right in front of the counter, its made a huge difference to chocolate sales! Infact we are as low as we have ever been, need a cash and carry trip asap!
Last night was a beautifully clear night with a beautiful sky full of stars, I went for a walk around the village and it was so so so peaceful with the stars all twinkling
The above picture is of a giant reflective inflatable sculpture inspired by a raindrop and designed by local artist Steve Messam and its on the shore of Crummock Water here in the Lake District . The sculpture is designed to reflect the surrounding dramatic landscape to stunning effect and is the size of a three-storey building, Different hey!
Thats about all for now folks :0)

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